Rules of Admission

Rules of admission and membership

  1. Individual persons can attain the membership in the "International Association of  Golf Club Presidents e.V."  who  furnish the proof that they are
    • presidents of a golf club
    • owners of one or several golf courses and/or acting partner of enterprises which own and/or operate golf facilities
    • function carriers in national or international golf associations
  2. When applying for a full or extraordinary membership in the „International Association of  Golf Club Presidents e.V.“, the following documents should  be presented:
    • Completed application form with details about the person of the applicant as well as about the concerning golf club and/or golf facility
  3. Admission procedure 
    • The application for membership is to be addressed to the executive board in writing. For this, the completed application form has to be submitted and signed legally bindingly.
    • Each application for membership is subject to approval regarding the postulated conditions of admission by the executive board after hearing of the advisory board. The advisory board has a power of veto.
    • Acc. to § 4 (2) of the statute there is no claim to membership; the rejection of an application for membership does not require any reason.
  4. Inception:
    The executive board of the „International Association of  Golf Club Presidents e.V.“ has set up the above described rules of admission and membership acc. to § 4 (3) of the statute of the association with consent of the advisory board at the inaugural meeting of the organisation on 10 February 2005. It announces these rules to the members as association order acc. to § 12 (3) of the statute of the organisation.
Munich, 10 February 2005