Contribution Order
Contribution order for the year 2005
The executive board sets up the following contribution order on suggestion of the advisory board. This contribution order is an organisation order acc. to § 12 of the statutes of the association.

The members of the organisation are obliged to pay the following charges and contributions:

  1. Full and extraordinary members

    • Admission fee (to be paid once) USD 0,00
    • Annual membership fee (to be paid each year)
      • Full members USD 120,00
      • Extraordinary members USD 120,00
  2. Founding members and honorary members
    • Founding members and honorary members are exempt from the payment of the charges and contributions.  


Handling of the payment transactions:

The organisation collects the due contributions (admission fees and annual membership fees) of the members by direct debiting system. The members declare their consent with this procedure on the form with which they apply for the admission to the organisation. Admission fees and annual membership fees are due within 3 weeks after receipt of the written notification of the effected admission to the organisation.



This contribution order is established acc. to § 12 of the statute of the "International Association of Golf Club Presidents e.V." as an organisation order in accordance with the decisions of the executive board and the advisory board made on the inaugural meeting of the organisation. It is valid towards the members of the organisation by announcement to the members.

Munich, 10 February, 2005